Our pipeline targets two main groups of products – finished products and composite ingredients. The Healthier Finished Products Program attempts to reformulate commonly encountered snacks and ready-to-eat foods such as cookies and ice cream.

The Healthier Ingredients Program takes a step back and looks at ingredients used to prepare or complement meals, such as staple foods and sauces. Together, both programs seek to target a large portion of the variety of foods that one intakes on a daily basis.

Our first product is Asia’s first low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar ice cream. Exemplifying our tagline, Callery’s ice creams contain more than 65% lower calories, fat and sugar than leading ice cream brands, yet they taste just like how a premium, rich and dense ice cream should taste like. This was made possible through optimisation of the properties of the ingredients using our RE-GENESYS platform. With more than 15 flavours in the pipeline, Callery’s ice creams are set to define eating ice cream as part of a healthy diet.

Callery’s ice creams are available in stores now. Please visit www.callerys.com for more information.

HF-01A extends our capabilities in reformulating frozen desserts to the traditionally high-sugar fruit sorbets. Sorbets can contain more than 60% sugar by weight, and we have reduced the amount of added sugar to zero while maintaining the fresh and fruity sweetness of a refreshing sorbet. We are also working with superfruits, such as Acai berries, in our sorbet formulations.

Sugar content in beverages is often high, but reducing sugar affects the taste and mouthfeel and requires consumers to change their preferences. Our RE-GENESYS platform is able to create sugar-free instant hot beverages without sacrificing the sweetness that many crave.

Staple foods such as breads and noodles are a quintessential part of most people’s diet. However, these staples tend to have high glycemic indexes, which have been shown to be correlated towards development and progression of diabetes. Hoow Foods is leveraging RE-GENESYS to develop a modulator that will significantly lower the glycemic index of staple foods by up to 50%. Further, it will also confer added benefits such as lowering net carbohydrates and increasing dietary fiber.

A large variety of sauces are used in foods everyday, both as an ingredient and as a condiment. Most of these sauces are used in a “savoury setting”, leading few to realize that sugar invariably accounts for a large proportion of the sauces’ ingredients, as high as 35% in some cases. Hoow Foods is researching the reformulation of commonly used sauces used in cooking and as condiments in order to reduce the sugar and calorie content.