We are foodies, just like you.

We envision a world where we can enjoy delicious foods, yet stay in good health.

Hoow Foods was born from a vision to provide people with foods that tasted just as what they were used to, yet not adversely affecting their health. Food is emotional. We would rather take chances with our health than to truly abstain from all those unhealthy but oh-so-delicious foods out there. After all, health is “invisible” but good food is right there in front of you.

That is true, until health, or lack thereof, strikes. Metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are affecting those close to our hearts, and we believe yours too. Coincidentally, we have had careers in the healthcare industry, dealing with everything from the pharmaceutical drugs to the doctors on the frontline. It could be said that medicine is a ‘reactive’ approach to health, treating problems when they surface. We asked ourselves, what would be a ‘preventive’ approach to health? Food. The food we eat everyday is both the cause and the solution. Our modern society swarms us with all sorts of tasty delicacies which are sugar and fat-loaded, but getting people to change their diets is never an easy task.

To complicate matters, healthier offerings tend to fall short of the enjoyment factor. Think about the times when you just wanted your coffee or tea sweet but had to settle for the acidity and bitterness because you had to cut down on sugar, or how you had to settle for Greek yogurt as a totally ill-befitting replacement for that delicious ice cream? To embrace healthy eating, the healthier alternatives must fulfil the emotional experiences that make us live to eat.

So we put our diverse experiences and knowledge together, spanning physiology, pharmaceutical science, food science, organic chemistry and material science and created a platform that could take an unhealthy food and transform it into a healthy version, without affecting its taste and texture.

With this, we will take the path of least resistance and Make Healthy Foods Delicious Again.