RE-GENESYS was created based on best practices in product development in the pharmaceutical industry. The technology platform fills a large gap between novel ingredients that confer health benefits and finished products

The World's Smartest Food Formulator

A unique patent-pending AI-ML technology and in-house proprietary deep-tech to power the development of best-in-class functional ingredients and food-reformulation capabilities.

Design healthier foods based on consumers’ dietary demands

Increase sales by meeting global food trends and demands quickly

Save resources by greatly reducing manpower and R&D efforts

Our Platform at a Glance

Through our machine learning-enabled, modular product development platform, we are able to break down and analyse existing products, modify their formulations to preserve or even enhance taste and texture and concurrently alter nutritional profiles to a healthier version

first trial success Short lead times 60 - 70% < 6 mths

Breakdown of reference product ingredient proportions

Mapping to novel ingredients to confer improved nutritional profiles

Systematic & iterative testing to generate prototype

As a preventive approach to the diabetes and Metabolic Disease epidemic, RE-GENESYS enables the transformation of familiar food products into healthier versions without compromise on taste and texture!

Ing r edient D a tabase R e f e r ence P r odu c t T a r g e t P r odu c t P r ofile Ing r edient Mapping Design of Experiments M a trix Anal y sis P r odu c ts

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